Podcasters I need your help

I’m now working on the Production of the Podcast version of 2001: A Big Nutter Oddity for Podiobooks. I’m expecting a Late March launch, with the Pod cast being competed by June.

If you’re a Podcaster, I would like your help. I’m offering you a Permanent Advertisement in my PodioBook. I’m using the word Advertisement loosely, as this section is called The Story So far. The Story So Far as an upper limit of (roughly) two minutes, in which you must tell the story so far, you can promote your own stuff. Since the Text Version is out for the wallet busting price of $0.00 (€0.00), you’re free read up before hand. You’ve also got to remember is that your Promo needs to not promote anything that is time sensitive, as this podcast should be reasonably accurate in a years time. I’m expecting this book on there and still “listened” to in 4 years time.

Since there is a site called Podiobooks, You’re free to promote your Podiobook.

Since I’ve got my Mic out: Do you want a Promo, or a link? I’m asking you to do something for me, I’m happy to do something for you.

If you want more information, email: Mike @ MikeSharpeWriter . com

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