Contact Me/Social Network Links

I am in many other places, and you may want to contact me or find out what else I’ve been doing. In the past, I could rely on one or two social networks to do most of my needs, but I’ve chosen to make a page where you can find me on a social network where I can be.

Now will this be a near complete list of places where I’ll be posting. Please note that if you want to contact me over a “inactive” social network, it make take some time.

Last updated: 26 July 2023


I will regularly post content here, and will try to respond quickly when reached out over these platforms.

  • @MikeSharpeWriter@mograph.socialMastodon – Due to how this works, most Mastodon servers/instances will be able to follow me from another server/instances.
  • – This site is ActivityPub enabled blog, so you can use your Mastodon or many of other ActivityPub sites/services to follow this site.
  • @MikeSharpeWriterYoutube – My Video Content is here. Most of the time it’s weekly.
  • PatreonPatreon – Technically not a Social Media site, but I’m active here. There’s alot of early access content there, as well as exclusive content.
  • Mike Sharpe, WriterKo-fi – Like Patreon, you also help me out
  • MikeSharpeTheWriterFacebook Page – The Official Facebook page to this site.
  • mike@mikesharpewriter.comEmail – A classic, still works, and quite reliable.


Sites that I may be still be using, but these could change over time.

Monitored only, or Parked

These sites are Mine, on I’m holding on it to prevent other people taking it. I should be able to respond to requests.

  • @MikeSharpeWritr – Hive – Due to App-only, this really doesn’t work well with my setup.


These sites will contain more mature content. Most sites will require an account to view some content.

  • BigNutterDeviantArt – Contains art released made over the years. Original Art for this site is often posted here.
  • BigNutterPixiv – Japanese based Art site. Most art is censored.
  • Nutter’s Q and A Thing – Tumblr – Originally made for an Q and A thing, but turned in to an art blog.