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In addition to writing, I also do work in the computer aided design and computer based artwork. All Images link to the full sized versions of said image.

Bushfire Badge

BushFire Badge
All Files for this Project are available on request.

This is a badge based on another Artist’s pencil sketch, and was inspired by a popular Childrens Cartoon. The lack of detail allowed me to imagine. Each leaf is identical to each other, also the flames are also identical. I used the shaped a leaf as a basis for each leaf. I have used several Plastic like materials for the Red and Yellow Flames, and for the green in the leaf, I have used a Gold for the outline. Created in 3DS MAX.

Morality Beach


The above characters are the Devil and Angel versions of a Character. The blonde woman in the Foreground is intentionally out of focus. I use several Photographic Techniques within the rendering program. The Landscape is Created in Bryce 5.5, the characters, Clothing, and props are made in DAZ|Studio 2. The Final Render is in Bryce 5.5.

Lipstick Poster – Purple Nerple

Purple Nerple

This intended to be an element of a Commission that ended up being left incomplete, due to lack of payment. This poster was related to the Character that used this Product, which was not named. I used Vector based image software, and converted from an existing photo. I used a open source program Inkscape.

Blossom “KeyBlade”

Blossom Keyblade

Inspired by a Japanese Comic Book series, and a series of Video Games. This Model is the intended weapon of a young woman named Sakura. Sakura means Cherry Blossoms in Japanese when written particular way. This is model is used a few shaping elements as shown at the shaft and the Handle. I also used a custom image for the Flower imaginary for the teeth. The Model was created in 3DS MAX.

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