Paid “February Status update” Snippet

Done in January: The First yearly Video “Book Review 2023” was done on the 11th January. This was one of my longer video edit jobs I’ve done for a while. It took way longer than most other videos. It really didn’t help that I had to cut around cat feeding times. The Rex Pilot Escort Preview was the “filler” video to help me buy time … Continue reading Paid “February Status update” Snippet

January 2024 Updates

Welcome to the Status update. This is a monthly update: I’m going to cover some stuff that happens in the last month and expectations for the next month. Done in December: I was expecting some down time in the early December, as I was getting some electrical work done on the house. The down time was way shorter than what I was expecting, or dreading. … Continue reading January 2024 Updates

Patreon “December Status update” Snippet

First, I was not eaten by tiger. Watch a recent Let’s play for more info. November was NaNoWriMo, so I planned ahead and got the last two parts of Spectres done in October. But had to do all three episodes of the Let’s play during the week. This delay was mostly due to last minute issues that kinda delayed a few things. The actual NaNoWriMo … Continue reading Patreon “December Status update” Snippet