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Taithin had gotten lost in the Royal Palace. This was his first week on the job, and he was making a mess of things. He was supposed find Lady Susana T’lenta, a foreign noble living in the Palace. After running down the fourth corridor that seemed to be larger than the Palace, he was short of breath. He however found Lady T’lenta, and she was staring at him with Amber eyes. It was the type of stare that would sent sweat down Taithin’s back, assuming the sweat wasn’t already flowing since the second corridor. The stare didn’t exactly help Taithin with trying to get his words out.

“Lady T’lenta… Have you ever… heard of a… Mister T’lenta?” He asked between breaths.

“T’lenta, I have heard of several men by that name. The two I was closely acquainted with are no longer with us,” Susana said.

“What?” he gasped, in disbelief.

“First, breathe. I presume there is a reason why you ran all around this castle looking for me. I presume your lack of breath was from going up all the stairs in the Castle. So who wants to speak to a member of the T’lenta Family?” Susana sighed.

“A Vedran woman guard, turned out of the blue, she want to see… a T’lenta.. Was it Marshal T’lenta?” Taithin said between his heavy breaths.

“Did they say Vice-Marshal T’lenta of the Ruka Pass?” Susana suggested.

“She didn’t say. Mr Galloway with her, in his office, now,” he said.

“Get up, I require you to escort me to her. Also, I think it’s time for a little chat,” she said as she walk passed him, her cane tapped the floor with every step. Susana’s fluffy tail brushed flicked in to his face, “Oh Yuck! I’ve got a wet tail now. Did you really take every stair in this place? Or does your face this normally damp?”

Susana lead the way, she was way more familiar with the Palace than Taithin was.

Susana said, “Let me give you some Advice: First, Keep your ears open, learn what you can. Not everything important is said out loud. Second, as a newbie, don’t be afraid of asking questions. Third, before you go running around the Palace again, ask your self where would the person you’d be delivering a message to be?”

Taithin sighed, “If I knew that I wouldn’t have been running…”

“Think about it, it’s just past sun down. Most people would be going to their home or already be home at this time. A Good guardsman may not know where everyone is at a given time, but they should have an idea where they work and where they live. Since my schedule is always changing, visiting my home will often be a good place to start.”

He sighed, “Ma’am, I found you outside the Library, so that still wouldn’t really help.”

“By Law, my rooms are effectively are part of Ruka Pass, this means that there’s usually someone on guard there. Besides, my maid Miss Kumo may have a good idea where I may have gone.”

“But would she know that you’ve gone to the Library?” Taithin asked.

Susana held up a book in her hand, “Miss Kumo and I going to read this tonight, so I visited Coppelia in the Library. I found her sleeping in the Tax history section again.”

They had soon reached the door to the court yard, which Taithin opened.

Outside in the court yard, Susana stopped to face him.

“What your name? It’s inappropriate to call you Mister Guard for much longer,” Susana asked.

“Taithin, ma’am,” said the guard.

“Just the one name? or should I call you Mr. Taithin?”

“Eston is my Family name. I just don’t deserve it,” Taithin said.

“That explains a lot, the out of town accent, and the fact you’ve got lost trying to find me,” Susana surmised.

Taithin did not expect her to know what his family name meant.

“Eston is a Vedran house name. The Head of the house lives in Lufas city, a very nice place. Last time I was there, Sharise brought up her liquid lunch all over Nina’s dress. Man, how she’s has grown over the years,” Susana said.

“Sharise, ma’am?” Taithin asked.

“She’s my little girl, not exactly little any more. She’s bigger than her mother now. You’ll recognise her when you see her,” she chuckled.

“Ma’am, why have you stopped?” Taithin asked.

“Defend!” she shouted, as she held her cane like a sword.

Taithin grabbed his sword, but in his haste, it slipped out of his hands. Before he could try to grab it again, the base of Susana’s cane tapped his breast plate, followed by a jab on his neck. If that was a sharp blade and she intended to use it, I’d be a goner. I think she may be the Marshal that I heard about.

“I see that you didn’t come to fight, you hold yourself like a true Rookie. I guess the reason you’re here is that you need a job or money to find something. Family, perhaps?” Susana smiled.

How does she know about my absent “Father”? It got to be a wild guess.

“Oh, Seems like I’ve hit the mark. You’re from Lufas, from who I know here, it’s seems like I can rule out a brother or sister, as I would already know about you. I doubt that it was your Mother, as Nina Eston wouldn’t named you has a son. So, it has to be a father.” Susana said as she walked out of the court yard.

“What?” Tathin said with surprise.

“Well, I know Nina has a business that is to entertain their customers, usually on a one to one basis. It’s the only business that the ladies may become pregnant on the job,” Susana started.

“Are you saying my Mother is a whore?” Taithin shouted.

“Prostitute, harlot, Lady of the night, and my personal favourite She who likes to tickle the pink. Yes, I am saying she entertained customers that way, at least once. I know that Nina doesn’t kick any woman that has an unforeseen pregnancy when that is a known risk. It’s one of a few ways for single male outside the family can get the Family name by your age,” Susana explained.

Taithin grunted his acknowledgement.

“Since your mother only met your father once, why look here?” Susana asked.

“My mother was human, and it’s very easy for her friends to work out the father. My ears aren’t seen often in Lufas, and she only had one customer with ears like mine,” Taithin explained, as the pulled back some of his hair, covering his ears.

“Elf! So that would explain alot,” Susana said.

Taithin started to speak Vedran, rather than the Elfish that they had been speaking, “Well, I’ve found him, but I have no proof that’s it’s him. It’s not like I can go up The King and say Hello Dad.”

Susana sighed, before replying in Vedran, “You’ll be surprised how much he know about you. News of that incident with that pair of Drow girls bought a smile to his face. Solana was the name?”

“Samantha and Tabitha Solanea, Twins. They moved in to same building as me soon after, as they hadn’t reach the age to allow them to take place in their Rite of Passage. Those two had the actual Rite ceremony take place a few months early, along side my own.”

They were getting close to the gate house, “Just one more thing, if you don’t use your house name, there’s always your Mother’s name.”

“What?” Taithin asked.

“I am Susana Lindatan T’lenta. As son of a Human, you should have inherited her name.” Susana said.

“Her name was Rafaela Arlyne,” Taithin said.

“Well, I’m sorry that not all your secrets are hidden, but, it was nice meeting you, Mr Taithin Rafaelatan-Arlyne Eston.”

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