Acacia’s Silence Delayed!

Today, I would have been already in the middle of promoting Acacia’s Silence, but it’s not even ready.. Well, I kinda lost most of January and February due to plans that I didn’t couldn’t really plan for in back in September. Also I had planned for my NaNoWriMo to be more compete as it was for Acacia’s Silence Pt2. I could put Acacia’s Silence Pt1 … Continue reading Acacia’s Silence Delayed!

It’s over… and other plans for 2023

Yes, one of the deals I’ve had on this site is now over.. I won’t be offering it again. You’ve had over 3 months to get it, and I did say it would happen today, and it happened. Solen Masters – Acacia’s Silence: Part 1 – Last Word is no longer available.

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Free stuff coming soon & Re-“drawing” Acacia

I’m going to make three of my books free for a limited time on next month. Read on to find out more! If you’ve looked at my Instagram pages and the Art for the headers, I’ve posted a few images featuring 3d Model work. Most of this art was on My Deviant Art page. But I’ve been forced to retire my “current” set of models, … Continue reading Free stuff coming soon & Re-“drawing” Acacia