The Smashwords 2024 Summer / Winter Sale! is coming!

I’m excited to announce that my book, 2001: A Big Nutter Oddity, will be available as part of a promotion on Smashwords for the month of July as part of their Annual Summer/Winter Sale! This is a chance to get my book, along with books from many other great authors, at a discount so you can get right to reading.

You will find the promo here starting on July 1, so save the link:

Please share this promo with friends and family. You can even forward this email to the avid readers in your life!

Thank you for your help and support!

So here’s a Sale I thought I’d never make (at least until February). This is going to be one of the best deals I can give out this summer. 2001 will get more sales, but this the best deal for a long time.

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