The following post is snippet of a longer post on Paid Patreon and Ko-fi users, released on 1st March.

Done in February:

The Top 10 games that I played in 2023 was a painful slog to make. As stated before, the Wii U and 3DS eShop effectively removed a number of eligible games of the list. I’m glad I got this done for the 22nd. Not as early as I’d hope. At least it was not late March, which was the case for last year.

Another Video Project started was Star Trek Armada. This is going to be the storyline of the game. I’ve chosen to keep the video as 4:3, as I can’t really trim anything, nor I can force the game in to wide screen, like I did with Elite Force. (Elite Force uses a well known game engine that I got easily modded to work with a 16:9 Monitor.)

While Acacia’s Silence Pt2 got some work, on it. I think I can’t work make the plan work that I set out in November. However, I do have other plans for the entire Solen Masters Series involving Project Watt.

Talking about Project Watt, I had completed most of the research required to make sure I don’t break the rules of some other site when I move on to a later step. This is important as I don’t want to get kicked off a site since broke a rule when have to enforce an “exclusivity” contract with a well known 3rd party.

In other Book news, I’ve moved my book to Draft 2 Digital backend from Smashwords backend. This means the pay as you want offer has now permanently gone. However, I now have access to several more options for sales, and more stores. I also now have a custom URL for it: It’s now set to $1.99 in most stores.

While BoardingBob videos, effectively stalled, we did get some movement going on them and, I’m now back to waiting on him.

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