I said a previous blog post that I was expecting to start publishing the Podcast by late March. It’s now the last day of March, and it’s not ready. My hardware failed on me in the Early March. I’m talking about bad noise and mysterious blue smoke, which is never a good thing.

Adam Savage (MythBusters – Free Energy (Radio)): That might have been, I dunno, a bad noise. I’m releasing the mysterious blue smoke here. The problem is once you release the mysterious blue smoke, electronics don’t work anymore.

The thing that went was my Primary PC, the one where I keep the Master recordings on. I also lost the ability to edit any Episodes. The Good news is that I didn’t lose the recordings, since I had back ups. Due the nature of my duties, and financial situation, repairing it takes time, as I have little amount of money. Most of the work is done. Editing is was thrown back to Episode 1, as shown here on Twitpic of Re-recorded lines of Episode 1.

Before you ask: Why didn’t I have a Back up? I do, it just that the back up just the unedited recording, And I will have one of the Finalized Episodes. The files are recorded in a uncompressed format, which is huge, especially when it is a several 1 hour sessions. I can not use pen drives due the speed needed. I have to the files on an internal hard disk. There comes another Problem. My financial situation meant that, I only have one PC that is has enough disk space to store all the episodes whilst I edit.

Currently, It’s being edited in to one long piece as using New Chapters to for breaks for new episodes are unsuitable. Several Days are so large, I need to break them up. Actually, I still don’t know how many Episodes there are going to be. I’m producing an AudioBook Version before I add the Podcast Parts.

And Here I thought I could get it done by February. Someone told me to always Make your Release Dates Later than expected, Good Advice. So, Instead of the Valve Time, I’m going to use id Software‘s Release schedule: When it’s done!


As I was recording, I found out that the version I sent to be made in the Smashword edition ebook was incomplete. I’m taking the opportunity to fix the errors as I record them for the podcast, and update the ebook version at the same time as I post the first Episode.

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