An update or two

I think it’s time for a Status Update. But I think it’s appropriate time for an update.

Over the last month, I’ve been producing Taken Wolves videos for a good part of it, You can see edit one of these videos in a previous post. This is partly down to the Game having an event for the duration of August, and the work load for the Taken Wolves basicly quadruple overnight, in addition to the down time brought on by the PC hardware update. It dropped off for a little while, but some work that was seen coming is now taking my time.
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Making my Social Media better – Part 1 –

I realised a some time ago, that my twitter accounts had little to say about the world at all. First, I need to make something clear, for a long time I run two separate Twitter accounts. I use the MikeSharpewritr as an extension to this site and associated extensions, while another was for gaming and personal things to share. Another was that I needed to … Continue reading Making my Social Media better – Part 1 –