Below is a section of a paid Patreon post that covered what happened in June. Please note that this is not the complete post, this covered what happened in the last month.

Done in June:

Due to the limited number of users, I’ve chosen just to make a lot of current Patreon content be “early access,” and no permanently Patreon only content. But some stuff like this will remain Patreon only, some part of it will make it to my main site.

I had initially had planned to get a number of art work pieces ahead, but I had other things that prevented this. The biggest has to been Boardingbob’s “F1 23 Braking Point Season 2” Series. It was delayed due to BoardingBob’s illness. But it was the first series that I did edited at 1440p and HDR.  This was really time consuming, due to the Proxy file conversion needed before I could start editing. Proxy files are low quality versions of the original files that I can use to see what happening without the original files causing my PC to melt down, or be a Powerpoint presentation. The Original Files are used for final Products.

For how much time consuming it is? For most 20 Minute Videos, I spend just over 30 Minutes actually editing. It usually took 2 hours to create a Proxy, and at least 90 Minutes to render the final result. I usually timed the renders to when I didn’t need to be at my Pc.

Normally, I don’t need use proxies for my 1080p SDR footage, as my PC can cope with it. (My laptop does need a proxy for 1080p for when I need to edit on it.)

Now how much did Boardingbob need my help editing? I received 10 hours 30 Minutes of source Footage. This includes any tests and mistakes that would need to edit out. The final result is about 5 hours and 30 Minutes long.

The Hardest part wasn’t working out what to cut, as I did “F1 2021’s Braking Point” series with Boardingbob before. This mean we both had an idea on what we would be doing before recording. The Hardest part was actually ensuring HDR look great, as I only had the standard SDR Monitors to edit with. (The only HDR compatible display I have is my Android phone.)

Some of the Tools to work with HDR colour editing actually still work. There was still an issue with the Recordings for Episode 1 and 2 that was impossible to fix, outside of re-recording the entire first two episodes. Most of the “issues” I have with the footage, is more down EA/Codemasters method of integrating the Pre-rendered Footage for HDR setups.

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