Below is a section of a paid Patreon post that covered what happened in July. Please note that this is not the complete post, this covered what happened in the last month.

Due how the project was going, Boardingbob’s “F1 23 Braking Point 2” series competed and ready to go live by the 2nd July, for release on the 5th. I was editing two episodes per day, and still managed to sneak in a few of my own episodes for my channel. As mentioned last month, it was rendering the proxy files and final files that took the longest time. My own episodes often were made faster.

Another thing was the Twitter/X bot, which had a fortnight delay to get though all the the announcement each Boardingbob’s episode on my Personal Twitter. It didn’t help that that bot encountered issues during that time. As I write this, It’s still got over week left on the queue, which moves me on to the next topic.

I’ve updated my site with a pile of Social Media links, with a large page with everyone that I feel like sharing. There’s a few that I’ve chosen to keep private for good reasons.

Most of late June and early July featured older art, which I hoped to use to build a buffer up. I never really got that buffer up, but some of that is down to STO Summer Event Ship.

STO Summer Event Ship actually triggered two Videos. The first was to cover the Basic Build Rules in details, which I’ll link back to in future videos, and the actual ship build. Since the event is now over.. You’ve missed your chance for that ship for a few years. I wish I got the video out earlier again.

“Project 3-Segment” got some progress, but no where near done. I wish I could do more.. I’d say more but I’d like to keep it a secret for the time being, but once you see it, you’ll know exactly why I called it that.

Updating Website was something I needed to do. First was making the site HTTPS enabled. I personally didn’t realise I could enable such a thing. Also, at this time, I do not use any payment items within my site, all purchases for my content is done completely by a 3rd Party. Back in 2009, it was not needed, but in 2023, I think it’s needed, mostly to avoid “This site is not secure!” warnings. Plus with HTTPS enabled, ActivityPub started to work on my site. So yeah, my site can “Toot.” Finally, I’ve updated a few pages on my site, and plans to finish them off soon as I can.

About BoardingBob Videos? I had planned to get up to 6 ready for release, but I’m still waiting for some Voice work from him. (He knows I’m waiting for it, but he doesn’t have that much time to do it.) We’ll have one done soon, as I’m working on a 7th.

Finally, I did post a copy of 2001: a Big Nutter Oddity as Patreon only content. I recently found some thing about 2001: a Big Nutter Oddity that I’d like to share later in August.

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