Below is a section of a paid Patreon post that covered what happened in July. Please note that this is not the complete post, this covered what happened in the last month.

Due to the limited number of users, I’ve chosen just to make a lot of current Patreon content be “early access,” and no permanently Patreon only content. But some stuff like this will remain Patreon only, but some part of it will make it to my main site.

The Star Trek Voyager Elite Force got the Story completed, and I’m going to working plans on a “Post game”. It’s all on the Patreon site, with final episode coming out on Youtube soon.

“Project 3-Segment” was effectively back burner project, but I just need to my head in the right place to before I continue recording. Got to reshoot a few things and make up some names, Suggestions in the comments, please!

My Website got a number of fixes on the back end, but I can’t really do a full test until my next Blog post. So this test is now in September. I can reveal that these fixes include the Autoposting for the Facebook page. It has been busted for some time. It doesn’t really help, that I don’t get that much people there. (The YouTube bot was still working as it used a different back end.)

About BoardingBob Videos? More delays on Boardingbob end, so very little was done. I’ve been getting a number of things done to make sure I’m ready to go when he is.

Finally, I got the 2001: Big Nutter Oddity lost content recorded and there’s alot of edits to be done.

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