Every week, I’ll be posting a chapter from my book series: Solen Masters. This is a Paid Exclusive for a month in certain places until it’s posted here, before I release it to a Selection of Fiction Sharing sites, such as Scribblehub and Royal Road. Most Chapters for each book will at some point be mostly removed from almost all places. If you spot a typo I can correct it before the final release.

The siren screamed. Had they blown their cover? The red flashing lights indicated that something was not right. Trey Kazuki looked down and saw a red dot projected on to his foot. The red dot was the type made from weak laser beams that are used in security systems.

Makaio yelled, “Trey, we’d better split! You grab that piece, and I’ll draw them off!”

Trey ran alone down the dark corridor, the sound of each of his foot steps echoed down the corridor. He was counting doors he saw, until the door he was looking for. Trey pulled out a foot long cylinder out of his Pocket. He swung it hard, the cylinder lengthened itself to be two foot baton. It was only a matter of time until Trey would be found. He needed to get in and out fast before they find him, if not the baton would help him fight through those who stood in his way.

About 20 feet from the door, it swung open. The doors here didn’t open automatically, someone had opened it. Had he been found? In the seconds before Trey closed in, the figure didn’t appear to have seen him. Trey swung the baton at their legs, causing them collapse.

Trey looked down at the Body he had felled. It wasn’t a uniformed security guard, but a woman wearing a little black dress. He place the staff around her neck. Her body when limp. He dragged her back in to the room. He heard the crunch of glass under foot. Trey looked behind him to see a pedestal with a glass display case.

The display case didn’t look right, half of it was smashed out and the contents missing. The parts of the display case that was smashed out was all over the floor. Could this woman have taken it?

The dim room and the black dress forced a finger tip search. It took a few seconds to find a few moments to find a bag. Her bag contained two gems stones, one red, another yellow, and a sealed envelope . As he pulled out the envelope, he saw that it was addressed to him, by name. No one besides Makaio and one other person knew he would be there. Trey opened the envelope, and read the hand written letter.

“To the Professor of Archeology and History, Trey Kazuki . It has come to my attention that you aim for my downfall. So I will show you the extent of my power. I had The Tempus Fugit Soju Crystal, with this note placed with my Corpus Vitae Soju Crystal. Enjoy, Siilan Toshiro.”

It was then that Trey noticed that yellow crystal has started glowing, he drop the crystals, and stepped back.

Trey feet seemed to find a step behind his was not there a few seconds before hand. He collided with someone in armor, it wasn’t the Kevlar vest but someone with a Metal plate Curlass. Instead of a pistol or a rifle, he had a sword. Just as Trey regained his balance, the Sword was placed around his neck. Trey froze, thankfully the sword didn’t move.

The Guards yell of “intruder” made Trey’s heart sink. It sounded like it was drilled in to him.

The man who came running was someone he saw many times, in History books. He was Reginald Gast. It was not an actor made up to look like him, but the actual man whose portrait was painted. He had been dead for hundreds of years.

It took a few more seconds for Trey to realise that he was not in the store room, but in a very posh bedroom. Had he travel though time?

Reginald Gast stared in to Trey’s Face, “How?”

The Guard spoke up, “I don’t know, My Lord. He just appear out of mid air.”

Gast sniffed the air, “I believe you. Normally, a comment like that I would be inclined to punish you. However,” Gast bent over and picked up the red crystal and the note, “I have something that can vouch for you.”

Another man stepped in to the room, he was carrying a scepter with an identical red gem crystal to the one that now sat in Gast’s hands. He stammered as his eyes met Trey, “My Lord, How did he get in here?”

Gast passed the red crystal to the new arrival, “Walter, you’re my Soju expert at the moment, I think you’re the one to work it out.”

Walter looked between the scepter and the red gem stone. “Sir! I-I don’t believe it. This stone is Siilan Toshiro Corpus Vitae Soju Crystal, but the stone in the staff is also it.”

“One of them has to be fake. There was only one ever made, it is said that the Soul of Siilan Toshiro is contained with in it. While someone can create a similar stone, the soul contained within the fake would be most certainly not be Siilan Toshirios,” Gast said, as he opened the letter.

Walter nodded, “True, but I read that in her later life Nakato, the second of the Soju Mistresses, had worked out a method to send people and objects to travel though time. However she did burn a selection of her notes, and I suspect that she burned those particular notes. If a such thing was possible, the Crystal in my left hand could be the crystal in my right hand, but older. There are addtional damage marks, including ones to suggest that the crystal has been removed this scepter.”

“So any of them mention a Tempus Fugit Crystal? This note mentions it being placed next to the stone I gave you,” Gast asked.

“The Fourth’s Soju Mistress Anan Kouto’s footnotes do mention it, as Nakato uses Times Fly. The only references are mentioned in a connection with time travel. According to my best source, Tempis Fugit is could be translated to Times Fly,” Walter said.

Gast turned to face Trey directly, and Smiled. His smile made Trey Shudder, “Since you managed to attract the attention of Siilan Toshirio, and arrived in to the Arena before a big fight. I think you should be honored and I recommend that you join in the Red Sand Match starting soon. Take him to the preparation area, and sure he starts the match.”

Trey thoughts of red sand made him worry. Sand was normally a shade between white to pale yellow, but never red. Blood however was red. To stain sand red, lots of blood would be split. Trey hoped that it wasn’t going to be his blood.

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