The following post is snippet of a longer post on Paid Patreon and Ko-fi users, released on 2nd May.

Done in April:

Star Trek Armada is continuing to be made, sadly slower than I’d like. I’d still haven’t been able to get in a position to make sure I get enough of lead to make sure I post the Videos before hand.

Solen Masters Book 1: Acacia’s Silence Pt2 is going slowly, but hopefully I’d be able to build up my internal buffer before I run out.

Also Acacia’s Silence Chapter 1 and 2 are now Public! As stated in a previous post this will be after a Month’s worth of Paid “Early Access”.  If you’re wondering, yes, I’m also Posting Acacia’s Silence in places as well.

While BoardingBob videos still stalled, and I can’t really do too much about them, so you’ll have to wait for them.

That is pretty much all I had planned for April, But there was a few other things that happened:

2001: A Big Nutter Oddity got added to another store: Fable: This sore and a few other stores was added “Short link” store listing page.

I’ve also updated the my website layout, and updated the side bar. Most of these changes can be reverted, but a few of the changes where actually over due.

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