Normally, I’d like to gloat on how much I’ve done on my Challenge that I set for myself.

It sadly failed to really get going. I was working on getting the TakenWolves art work done during the time I was at my computer. I was working on it pretty much on until I need it to be ready. Then I had a few days doing the actual work for the TakenWolves, which I had planned for. It just took longer than I was expecting as I needed to repair an audio glitch, in two Episodes.

However, the two reasons why I couldn’t get to my computer was due to the heat, and also the fact I was needing to re-do the drive, where we parked our cars. My Drive had quite a few holes appearing in the last year.

So with my day taken up with working on the drive, and the night filled with working on the TakenWolves Videos or working on getting the stuff ready so I could do some videos. I was ready for bed before I finished the Taken Wolves work.

As for my grand total? 1 Story started, 3 planned, and grad total of zero stories finished. The Plan is now to get the 3 stories completed and release them at a later date.

As for June? I’m considering a few things. Also I’m looking forward to E3 around starting over the second week of June. It’s like a Christmas for gamers.

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