My Nexus 7 tablet and the Nintendo keyboard.

First, I was not eaten by tiger. Watch a recent Let’s play for more info.

November was NaNoWriMo, so I planned ahead and got the last two parts of Spectres done in October. But had to do all three episodes of the Let’s play during the week. This delay was mostly due to last minute issues that kinda delayed a few things.

The actual NaNoWriMo was more if a bust than anything else. I never really got going outside of the meetups.

My Website got some tests done successfully. Hopefully, I will get multiple updates during the next few months

One thing I did in October was set up a Facebook bot. But I kept it from posting until I was happy with it working correctly.

About BoardingBob Videos? I got stuff to make it work. So I now need to get some stuff done for it. There’s two videos that now needs my work on.

Finally, during the last week of November, I got ill, which delayed a few things, including this post!

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