February 2018 Update

It’s almost March already? Sigh, I’d better get some updates. I sat down to watch a game of Curling… and got up two weeks later.
1 : I’m working on the sign up pages for the BETA READER Program. I’ll need to do most of the work anyway, even if I didn’t start the Beta Reader Program. I’m working on the Cover image, and the Blurb on the back for “Acacia’s Silence”. I’ll be covering more details on the Beta Reader Program later, but chances are you’ll need to have a Facebook account. (Why don’t you also Like and follow my page to keep up to date?).
2 : Working on the cover of “Acacia’s Silence” is taking longer than I expected. Some of this that I was not happy with Trey’s “Neo” Coat or Cassock, seen quite a few years ago. Mainly as it didn’t fit his character or his situation at the start of the book. Some of it was that every time I had to repose him, I had to redo the outfit below the belt. Which make it hard for me to quickly use him for art. The girls’ dresses and skirts also has this issue, but the modeller has provided additional options to help fix it. Some skirts were made to follow the leg when I moved the girls legs. Also, I wanted a outfit that get Acacia could also wear. (She wears his jacket in a later scene.)
3 : I really think I need Sales and Reviews. The Sales part, I have some control over.. But really, actual units sold is my problem. So I’m going to make as easily as Possible to get a copy for you read. I’m going to have a few sales.

So 3rd March there will be 100% sale on The Bar Mage of the Golden Sea. Remember: 3/3 – 100% off!

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