So with 2017 out of the way, we move on to 2018.

So what’s coming up in the we year:

  • The yearly “Top 10 games that I played” – Still working on it. Hopefully I can make it a video this year. I was planning to make one last year, but didn’t have alot of usable footage.
  • Compete the Making my Social Media better series, however it may never end as due to it’s open nature.
  • Complete Solen Book 1: Acacia’s Silence.
  • Work on a CYC Project. More info when It’s ready
  • May Short Story Month.
  • And as with Every November: NanoWriMo

And apparently Kat is trying to get some secrets from Sammy and Acacia, and I think Acacia has quite a bit to drink.

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