Those who don’t know, I play games, and I played quite a few of them in the last year.

But first some guide lines, which hasn’t changed since last year:

  • To be eligible for this list, I must have put considerable play time between 1st January and 31st December of that year.
  • If a Game is rendered unplayable or unable to be purchased, by the time of creating this list, it is excluded.
  • No restrictions are in place to prevent older games to make the list. For example, the Nintendo Entertainment System’s Super Mario Bros. is allowed if I played it, and put in considerable time.
  • In a few cases, where multiple games or DLC of a series was played in the same year, to get for a pair of games to second listing this need to stand out separately from the other.
  • As this list is based on what I played, so if I didn’t play your Favourite game, don’t be upset and start shouting for your game to be number one, remember most of the time your game has chance making this list next year.

2017 started with something unique in gaming, The first proper look a new console, the Nintendo Switch that would later release in that year. If you’re expecting a Switch title this year, sadly, I haven’t gotten one, and therefore Switch will be excluded.

10. Destiny 2 – PS4 (Also on PC and Xbox 1)

Last year, The original Destiny made it to Number 5. But this year the sequel has issues that would prevent it from getting higher.

Your characters from Destiny 1 are effectively are reset, as Your gear from Destiny 1 is effectively gone. Explained as the Big Bad, in this case, The Cabal blowing up your stuff, and them stealing your “super” powers.

This allowed Bungie to perform major changes to the game systems. The most notable are the way weapons are handled, Instead of a Primary, Secondary and Special, they have been changed to Kinetic, Energy, and Power with many weapons moving slots. They also change your Super powers, by replacing a older Super with a new one, slightly altering others.

The gunplay feels good, while the powers mostly feel likely they can be used more often. Previously, the Titan’s Defender Class had little offensive capability, outside of weapon or Armor buff. It’s Replacement, the Sentinel can be used offensively, and depending on build, use Defender’s Super without the buffs.

In Destiny 2, you visit all new areas. The only area that was kept was only used in the intro, and is more for the returning player to help drive the message that the Cabal are invading the player’s home. Many familiar enemy classes return with a few new “classes” in their mix.

In Curse of Osiris DLC, which was released in December, the player visit Mercury and to find Osiris, who was previously only talked about in both games. This adds the new area of Mercury and the Infinite Forest for the player to visit.

A significant amount of my playtime can be seen on the Taken Wolves Youtube channel, Noticeable clips include the time I got the Platinum.

Finally, the big issue is that many certain pieces of gear we can get is locked behind some grindy walls, or pay real money. This isn’t a huge issue until I find that I’ve filled the storage space, which is effectively less than Destiny 1 had. Without even the option to buy or earn more vault space is to gear and all I can do is just hope I can easily get hold of a replacement when I want it. With some items changing from infinite use to limited use the collector in me kinda stalled my desire to play. I got fed up running the same 10 or 12 things back to back. Some of these issues appear to be worked on by Bungie.

Wolfenstein The New Order Cover
Wolfenstein The New Order Cover (Due to 18 rating, I’ve omitted a in-game Screen shot)

9. Wolfenstein: The New Order – PC (Also PS4 & Xbox one)

As I stated in the requirements, for entry: The game doesn’t have to be released or even get a DLC in the year I choose that game. Last year there was two games that didn’t have a release at all in 2016, “Dr Langeskov …”, and Muramasa. So if I play one of the better games of 2014 in 2017, it is valid for this list. Besides, I kept made rule in due to number games I get with Steam Sales and Humble Bundle Deals. As this is one of Steam Sales, and boy, this one is a good one. (I got another game on this list at the same time.)

Wolfenstein: The New Order takes place in a Mostly in a Alternate 1960’s, where the Nazi’s won World War 2. You take the role of the B.J. Blazkowicz. The Gun play in this game is excellent. While a there is a lot of gun play, there are sections where stealth and being smart take over.

“2k”, and Soma attacking a Chi-You monster in God Eater

8. God Eater Resurrection – PS4 and Vita (Also on PC)

As a suggestion for a new Vita game a while back, Gods Eater Burst was on the list. It was a PSP game, but the game I’ve listed is the remake which in some places is being bundled with the Sequel. I choose God Eater Resurrection out of the three, partly as it was the game I played for most of the year, and is the complete version of the game.

Unlike most games on this list, where the game is available on multiple devices listed, but I only play on one. This time around, with Playstation Cross Save support enabled on this game, by owning both the Vita and PS4 versions, I could play switch between versions depending on where and when I was. (Apparently the cross buy option for GER is only available in certain regions.)

So in the God Eater series, you play a custom Character, who carries a giant sword, that transforms in to a gun, and also a shield, fighting Large Monsters known as Aragami, which is apparently a word for god. This game has often been compared to the Monster Hunter Series, which for along while was home on the PSP. Unlike most Monster Games, For many Missions, you can be joined by up to 3 Computer controlled Characters or like any Monster hunter game, 3 other players.

Dreamcast as she Performs a Special attack. (The Trophy is for Beating “Delphinus” – A “hidden” Boss from the Neptunia series.)

7. Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls – PS Vita (Also PC)

Being one of the last Purchases of 2016, and since I started on the 9th January 2017, it was clearly not going to make Last years list. A screen shot was used as an link for Last years list, despite the late arrival.

This game a cross over with the Sega Hard Girls, which are Human representations of certain Sega Console. Mega Drive, Saturn, Game Gear and Dreamcast all face off with their Neptunia counter parts, Plutia with Megadrive, Nepgear with Game Gear, Uzume with Dreamcast, while based on a imaginary Console, Neptune fights Saturn. The Main characters, despite Neptune’s claims, is IF or Iffy from the Neptunia Side, and creating Segami for the Hard Girls side.

Overall, I enjoyed this one, and kept playing to get the Platinum. (My third.)

Super Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls Platium Trophy Notifaction
Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls Platinum Trophy Notification

This is fun game, using a simplified version of the Neptunia RPG mechanics, with a reworking of the field Mechanics to have actual platforming. While Not required, I strongly recommend starting with the Neptunia Re:birth games, as there will be jokes based of events on the Re:birth games.

Selection of Alola Photo Club Shots from Pokémon Ultra Sun, showing several members of my Party.
Selection of Alola Photo Club Shots from Pokémon Ultra Sun, showing several members of my Party.

6. Pokémon Ultra Sun – 3DS

Well, the Follow up to last years winner didn’t make the top 5. Here we return Alola with a Re-telling of the Sun and Moon story, but with 5 NEW Pokemon that don’t exist in Sun and Moon, or any Previous games before that, four of which play a part of the story.

There are new characters and more version Differences, and Team Rocket returns with most of the Big bads from all the other games.

While I still recommend this game, this game sadly feel too familiar for my own tastes. This basicly reworking of last years game. With completing both Sun and Moon in the last year, trying to play the same game for a third time in 12 months means that I’ve lost interest quicker than I usual would.

GRAVITY RUSH™ 2_20170715153428 edit
Kat throwing herself though a wall, using new Jupiter Powerup introduced in Gravity Rush 2.

5. Gravity Rush 2 – PS4

With the original Gravity Rush from 2012 on the Vita just missing out on the list last year, due to choice of good games. While the original Gravity Rush was still technically eligible for this 2017, as I played final few chapters during April 2017.

The sequel released in January 2017, shows a bigger world than it was possible on the Vita, showing of several new area which are huge. Uou play as Kat, who has the nickname of Gravity Queen. She can throw herself and things around her for some time, before powers run out, where she falls. She can also use her powers to pick up objects and people.

I strongly suggest starting Gravity Rush Remastered, as should start at the beginning, but you can jump in on Gravity Rush 2 with no introduction.

One final thing: Kat also gets quite a few outfits that she can wear instead of the same old outfit. Some of these are locked behind an online service, which was initially due to shut the week that I’m writing this. Several outfits seem like they come from some where else…

2B in…. Wait a mo. That’s Kat in Gravity Rush 2, wearing 2B’s outfit!

4. Nier: Automata – PC (Also PS4)

And this is one game that seems to change genre as you move though a level. But this RPG game, does a lot of things and does it pretty well. I mean, this game switches Genre on the fly, and does it well. And you get to do this as a Gothic Lolita Android.

This game has multiple endings, and I strongly suggest you play until you unlock the first 5 endings at least. The first playthough, has you playing as 2B, and the second has playing as 9S. For while 9S will follow 2B and vice versa. After the second ending, you’ll play a new sequence, which will eventually let you control A2. During the final dungeon of this playthough, the game will switch between A2 and 9S, regularly as you fight the Penultimate Boss.

The biggest issue with this game is in the PC port, as it is not working as expected outside the box, until a mod fixes the noticeable Problems with the game.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Screenshot, showing Link in a Blue Shirt
Zelda: Breath of the Wild Screenshot, showing Link in a Blue Shirt

3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Wii U (Also on Switch)

Somehow this was going to make it to this list somewhere. But Oh boy. This changes to most of the existing 3D Zelda formula, by making most of the game essentially can done in any order.

Instead of up to a dozen huge dungeons, there are lots of hidden shines. The world is also Huge, and there is quite a lot to do in the place.

My only issue was that I had gotten the Wii U version, and due to other commitments and an exploding TV, I didn’t get much time on it.

2. Tales of Zestiria – PC (PS3/PS4)

Well, out of the 5 Tales series games I played this last year: I completed Tales of Xillia, and started Xillia 2 on the PS3, and played for the Youtube channel: Tales of Phantasia, and played some of Tales of Vesperia on my Xbox 360. The game I’ve chosen for this spot was part of Humble Bundle I got in February. This game was chosen over the other four partly on how easily it is to get in to compared to the other games of this series.

I was initially was drawn in to the Series due to then unique action Battle sequence in Tales of Phantasia, which was not common the SNES games at all. (The PSP game footage in that video was a enhanced remaster with a extra character, which we did see.)

Unlike the Pair of Xillia games and Vesperia, Zestria is the first of PS4 Tales games doesn’t start showing it’s age when coming down to screen shots, and systems. Like Final Fantasy series, The Tales Series usually sets a few game in a different world. There are exceptions to this rule, usually for sequels, such as Xillia 2.

In Tales of Zestira, you follow Sorey, who finds a girl collapsed in some Ruins. This Girl, Alisha is looking for a Mythical Hero, The Shepard, who can talk to Seraphim. It turns out Sorey can talk to Seraphim, as his adopted family are Seraphim. In an effort to Save Alisha, He soon ends up finding Lailah, that soon makes Sorey, the latest “Shepard,” as title is passed on. Lailah then explains what a Shepard does…. I could on, but I’d spoil the plot.

1. Star Trek Online – PC (PS3/PS4)

The only returning game on this list, but this time partly due to additional content. While 2016 added a significant amount of content. Star Trek Online on PC added three “Seasons” or Major content updates. Most of these were not as large 2016’s Expansion Agents of Yesterday, where they added a few playable Faction. They added total of 6 Episodes, with Several voice actors reprising their TV roles. In Survivor, Denise Crosby, reprises Sela and Natasha Yar, with Matt Wilson playing Daniels, both of which had been in previous Episodes. For several episodes, Tony Todd, play General Rodek, aka Worfs brother, Kurn. Another Klingon that most DS9 fans will know is Martok, played by J.G. Hertzler. The Enterprise Guest star Kipleigh Brown appears in as Captain Kuumaarke. However the Biggest star in the game was LeVar Burton who plays Geordi LaForge.

Another thing they did was recreate the Galaxy Class ship interior, to resemble the Enterprise-D from The Next Generation.

The main reason I kept playing was down to the changes to systems within Star Trek Online, that would take way more than a few sentences to explain, and would not matter for most new players. Another is that I play with certain group of people that I get along well with.

(While I would omit this normally, but Star Trek Discovery ships has started to appear in game in 2018, via a Lock box. However, ships can be sold on the player exchange.)

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