Saving the Universe from the Borg…

As Star Trek Online player. (I mentioned it during my Yearly Top 10 games I played, twice.  I think it’s time to show my skills off.

A few days ago, Timerwolf approched a few players to help him test a new ship and how well he set it up. This was going to be a part for his channel. I was one of the few people who got themselves ready in time.

This run Point of view will be on an Pilot Review Show Video.

I should point out that while we were on “Tribble” the test server. (Some of it’s for Cheaper upgrades, as well as making it easy to get lots of expensive stuff quickly.) This is not too far from Nakato’s “I.K.S. Ianthe” on the Live server “Holodeck”.

Nakato and Ianthe are Charaters in one of my upcoming books. Some other Characters from my Books share their name with my Star Trek Online Characters.

For the Featured Image: Kat takes Command of the Enterpise? Actually, as there is a issue with this image, and I’m not talking about Kat’s Glasses or Cat Ears. Comment and tell me what you think is wrong with this image.

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