To help me keep progress up during Nanowrimo. I’ve chosen to share some removed scenes from the Acacia’s Silence.  These scenes are often complete but replaced in most due to various reasons. Please be aware that these scenes will use Soju instead of the Solen.

To start off, the old first page.

Prelude – Trey’s earliest memory

Trey – 14 May 4040 8:47pm – Security Zone RED – Corridor

The siren screamed. Had they blown their cover? The red flashing lights indicated that something was not right. Trey looked down and saw a red dot projected on to his foot. The red dot was the type made from weak laser beams that are used in security systems.

Makaio yelled, “Trey, we’d better split! You grab that piece, and I’ll draw them off!”

Trey ran alone down the dark corridor, the sound of each of his foot steps echoed down the corridor. He was counting doors he saw, until the door he was looking for. In his haste, he wasn’t going stop just to open a door, if he could, and prepared for throw himself at it. The door swing inwards just before Trey could crash in to it.

Trey reacted to the door, and swung his staff wildly hoping that it would hit something. The solid wood hit a body. Trey heard a scream, of a woman. Trey didn’t stop running. He was aiming for a small green gem stone obscured within the bright light ahead of him. He jumped towards the light. He reached out and grabbed on to something, on top of one of the several pillars.

What he caught was larger than he expected. He looked at it. It was a yellow gem stone twice the size of the green stone, and it appeared to be glowing. I’ve got the wrong one, Trey thought, I better get it fast!

Trey looked around, for his eyes had adjusted to the bright lights, and saw the green gem that he wanted. It was a pillar next the first pillar which had the crystal he had just taken had been on. He step forwards to it, he heard a click, and then a hiss followed. Trey smelt a funny smell, it was poison gas. He had triggered another trap. Really Smart, Professor Kazuki, Really Smart!

He grabbed the green stone, and pocketed it. He ran to the entrance, which had been shut. The yellow stone he had been carrying all the time felt hot, Trey threw it in to the darkness.

The next second, Trey was not in the same room, but in a bedroom, without passing through a door. The second after that, Trey’s world was swirling, before going black.

What’s up with the Scene, you may ask? The last line really needed to be extended, as the jump next chapter is jarring. Also quite a lot things I had removed in later scenes needed to be added somewhere, so I introduced the Villain, and let him start to explain what the Gems are about.


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