As this deleted scene is taken from Chapter 4. In Chapter 3, Our Heroes, Trey and Acacia have fought in Lord Gast’s Arena. With Acacia being put under Solen/magic spell to make her appear dead. Trey is now to be sidelined.. (No Chapter title was given)

After sunlight in the arena, stepping in to a side room is all that need for Trey Kazuki’s unprepared eyes to have trouble seeing in the room. Being blind momentarily, he did not see the slender white hand playfully groped his chest. Trey, still full of adrenaline from the arena, grabbed the hand and threw the hand and its owner across the room. Trey was surprised by the lack of weight of his apparent attacker, was it a child? Expecting to hear flesh on stone or on wood, Trey heard the sound of flesh on flesh, and then a sudden forced exhalation.

Trey’s eyes had began to make sense to him, he saw a white Vedran woman, sitting upon an apparently human woman chest. He had seen a few in the arena and read about them, but this was the first time He had one up close. Trey assumed that Vedran person would be covered in fur and have tails, but otherwise resembles humans. So far this assumption was holding up.

This woman was muttering curses to the one that sat stunned on her. Except for the door he had been though, Trey couldn’t see the any door or any walls for doors to be in.

“Oh? Hello, Miss Keiya. What are you doing…. he he… down there?” playfully said the Vedran, her tail was upright curving near the tip.

“I was trying to get to Miss Cassey in the Morgue. She was in there, the last I heard. Besides, Lana, you’re the one that flew in to me,” sighed the woman below, Keiya.

Trey had seen several men take Acaica’s body in this direction. She was the only other woman, besides the two currently in front of him, that he saw in this area alive, dead or appearing to be dead.

Lana sprung up and started to dust down her revealing white dress. Keiya’s armour held her down until Lana helped her up. Keiya whispered in to Lana’s ear, “Shouldn’t you be sorting out Mr Kazuki, here?”

Upon hearing this comment by Keiya, Trey decided to hear out these women partly as they where standing by the door to lead him outside the arena. It took several seconds for Lana to realise what her companion was saying. Lana was apparently trying to remember something.

“Oh, Mr Kazuki! My Employer has asked me… to give you several… items of her possessions… that she believes that is of worth to you.” Lana waved to Trey.

“How did you not get killed spying on Gast?” Keiya muttered to herself, but Trey and Lana also heard it.

“Simple: My boss was the real spy. I just followed her around,” Lana replied, “Mr Kazuki, I need you to follow me.”

“I would go with her, if the Sword Maiden as you put it is really dead, I will be one of your next opponents,” warned Keiya. Apparently Keiya heard and understood what Trey said to Acacia.

Lana grabbed Trey’s hand as to guide Trey. Trey stepped back, but not far enough to break the link.

“Trying to attack someone with a blunt knife is suicide, take a little time to sharpen it: victory is closer,” quoted Lana, “I can not sharpen here, I can in my workshop.”

“What?” Trey asked puzzled. It appears that Lana is not the exactly the sharpest tool in the box.

From the doorway towards another side room Keiya said, “To rescue her you need a sharp blade.”

As Keiya left, Trey stepped towards Lana who still had his hand, “Lead on, it’s your workshop.”

Lana stepped forwards a step, before remembering something. She turned then whispered, “Between here and my workshop, there is a place where some girls will want you, as you are the sole victor today. If asked: only take me! We both have secrets that we must not let out or we may forfeit our lives. If Gast appears, I must stay hidden, or our lives are, again, forfeit,”

She opened the door, then lead Trey away to another room.

This is one scene that I had forced to loose, as the number of changes I did to other scenes required that this one had to change too. I still liked this scene, and so did the test readers.

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