Following on from Last week scene, this following scene would have followed immediately after that one. In this scene we follow two mystery women. This is one few scenes that mention Solen under the older name Soju, I’ve not done edited to update the Naming conventions. There still are few typos left here.

As this was part of the same chapter as last week, there isn’t an title. 

Nakato’s mastery of Soju techniques was better then Trey. But as she was hiding from Trey, she need to be good, be undetected, and even better if she had to use techniques for two. Her partner, Babirye, had little ability to even control the basic techniques.

The coin-like talisman that she played with was one part of a Soju device. Babirye held the other part. It allowed Nakato to cast Soju certain Techniques for Babirye to use, whenever they where not keeping physical contact. The “Coin” was helping make both women appear invisible with a complex mix of Nakato’s invisibility Soju Techniques, and some careful ducking and hiding.

This hiding game wasn’t the first thing on Nakato’s thoughts. Her worry of Acacia life, had her distracted and as Babirye make her jump when she spoke.

“She lives but barely, but her heart is sleeping, Trey’s soju is the only thing that that is keeping that girl alive. Svetlana knows the risks as well as you do,” Babirye said, in the old Vedran Tongue. A Language they both spoke, but fortune which was not commonly known even to the Vedrans who were in the Arena.

“I recognise that Blade, I thought it was destroyed,” Nakato said.

“I saw it being destroyed, but yet it still exists. Even now, when I know it’s effects, it really a Soju users nightmare. One Cut and stops Soju being cast at that area,” Babirye said.

“Someone cut my neck with that blade as I was dying, my best friend lost her powers and I had to rely on a woman who never used any Healing Soju before in her life,” Nakato said, her voice was distant.

“That cut is deeper than yours. If Trey was not there, she would have been dead. His task is harder than mine was. I just hope that us being here, makes her turn to the worse,” Babirye said.

“Still, Svetlana is a Soul Reaper, she not the type who provide Trey with the amount of Soju he needs. She generates enough Soju just to live, where will she get that extra Soju from?” Nakato asked.

“She already has, before fighting in the arena, he was given a charm, similar to our pair. That charm effectively borrowed Soju of a few people in the arena. Svetlana’s Lover slipped them out in the crowd,” Babirye said.

“My girl knows how to pick them,” Nakato smiled, “I want to keep close tabs on Acacia, I really don’t like leaving her defenceless.”

“Go, I’ll track Trey. I’ll let the coin know if I’m safe, if you need to break the soju,” Babirye said, as she slipped through the door.

Nakato silently slid the catch to the door Keiya shut. Damn, I hate these catches, they have a habit of being too tight.

This scene up being dropped was due to many things that I didn’t like. The amount of jumping perspectives I was doing was excessive and so I’ve chosen to limit the Characters to get POV scene to about a dozen in total. Also as this scene end up being dropped as the attack on Acacia happened differently. Finally, this scene also happened to force my hands on what I could do during the final scenes to The Great Crystal of Lufas. The cryptic comments by Nakato and Babirye really give me reasons to keep it.

Here Nakato mentions Lana (as her full name Svetlana), supplying Solen/Soju to Trey via a set of Charms. In the new version, Lana and her partner do other things.

By the way, the images for the posts are one of characters of that scene. Last week was Dame Xochiquetzal Keiya-Eston (aka Keiya), and this week is Babirye, the “First Solen Mistress”.

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