For the last few weeks, I’ve been posting deleted scenes from Acacia’s Silence. This week is no different. This weeks lost scene follows directly on from the last weeks scene. Trey is led in to Lana’s “Workshop,” of sorts..

Chapter 4

Lana threw Trey on to the bed, before pouncing on him. Her legs had pinned him down as she sat on him. Her hand slid in to her waistband. Contrary to her actions, she wasn’t trying to remove her skirt, but trying to find something.

Her outfit had no apparent pockets. As her skirt and bodice matched, they look like they were two parts of the same outfit. The bodice complex structure was apparently kept together with a length of black string, tied at the front. Her bosom looked very snug in the bodice. Trey eyes had settled here as very little else to look at in this dim room.

Like most Vedrans women, he had seen in the arena, she had fine fur covering her body. Unlike most Vedrans he had seen, who where different colours, her fur was white. Her irises were also white. Baring her pink nose and black pupils, she was white. Until entering the Arena he had not remember seeing any Vedrans before. Why did all of the ones he saw today look like women, where are the men and children?

A Black Leather Collar was around her neck, attached was a flat circular tag. The tag read “Svetlana Weiss” her full name, apparently.

“Can’t seem to find it, but I shouldn’t be doing… Oh! I’ve not checked here,” Lana muttered to herself.

She pulled on the string on her bodice, as it slid apart. Three pieces of paper fell out. With a shake of her shoulders, the bodice slid off, landing behind her.

“Mr Trey, I am not your kea’tha… some one who provides their body for services of others. You do not need try to provide me with kitts – children. But I’m forced to use it as a cover as it’s the only way I could speak to you alone today. I must tell you now as it’s very important. Being foolish from now on, can change the time you experience until you die,” Lana said.

“Oh Great, a girl who says she doesn’t want to have sex after she’s showed me her…” Trey asked, whist trying to understand what ‘Lana just said.

‘Lana commanded, “Quiet, Read.”

Dairy of Nakato

3rd of Geaita

I’m almost finished writing about what happened a few days ago. So here is the really big part , from what I pieced together.

Babirye wanted to prove that no one could kill us with any knife. So in a surprise move she pulled the Regis Blade on to me. I’m not sure what happened, but my throat is now sore, and I blacked out.

When I came to Babirye had fainted, her arms looked burned. I didn’t know why they were like that, but Timon said that she lost her magic.

Mr Hunky Magician Man tells me that to control Magic you need to use our arms, eyes, at least some part of me. Most of Babirye’s magic is to do with her arms. Use lots of magic skills at once and the part that does the work heats up as the raw magic can’t be changed as fast as you require.

He tells me that Babirye’s arms heated up, so much that it got beyond just pain and almost turned herself in to a fire! He’s not the person I’d want to heal minor injuries, but he stopped me from dying.

Sadly, Babirye doesn’t seem able to work her soju at all. I hope it she’ll get it back.

“What has this got to with me?” asked Trey after he read the page.

“The Blade in this passage is real. It is here, Gast hands hold it. Today, it has drawn Elfen blood of Acacia, your initial advertised opponent,” said ‘Lana, as if she was repeating whispers.

Lana held another note. It had the same handwriting as the first.

“Read,” Lana commanded again.

Diary of Nakato

32nd of Geaita

Some of our new friends left are leaving tomorrow. San, who is now travelling with them, told us that most of Babirye’s soju power doesn’t listen to her anymore, and it was both her and Mr Hunky Soju Man that stopped us both from dying.

San explained with a Jug of cold wine. This jug keeps the wine and water cool. She called it “Baabi” and she got identical jug called “Naka.” She wanted to fill up Naka fully. She poured the wine in from Baabi to Naka, say that the wine is like our soju. San tells me jugs “drink” the wine, so only way to fill Naka of wine is to break Baabi so that all it wine can be taken out. She tells me that the only way to fill Naka up is to get another Jar, this one called “Hunky” to top up Naka and Fill her to over flowing. Is this what happened in the soju world?

San said this before nightfall “The first is now equivalent of the last.” She likes to give me some game before she leaves, but this riddle is strange to say the least. I hope she is wrong, as Babirye is the best.

“Her power removed itself from her?”

“A knife may be sharp but with use it slowly stops cutting,” said Lana, “using your power will loose it potency. But not all is lost, to a normal knife, a whetstone can restore the cutting edge, as waiting in time your power will be restored.”

“What is it about you and knifes?” Trey muttered to himself.

“Your task ahead is very tough, also timing is very critical for both your and her life,” Lana said.

“Heal too late, and she could die. Heal too early, I could die. And if I get it wrong, we both die together.” Trey summarised.

“One can say that. I need both of you to be able to walk out of the city before sunset,” Lana said.

Lana’s ears suddenly twitched, did she hear something? She giggled, and then started to passionately kiss Trey. Did she say that she was not going to this?

“…She IS with a customer, Sharise,” yelled a voice of a young woman from the other side of the door.

The Door swung open, a young blue Vedran woman, with a white chin stuck her head though the door.

“Hey, do you have.. Yea-jow! Lana! If you’re that desperate, you should really let your other half know that you’re wanting a mount,” she said, before shutting the door very hastily.

Lana’s pinning embrace gave way. She sighed, “That was fun. That girly warg rider spent all last night with a mount of, well, this type. I hope she isn’t walking funny.”

She climbed out off the bed, her skirt sliding to the floor as she stood. Apart from her sandals, she was naked. She walked to and open cupboard in the shadows.

“Whist we will not perform the act that I proposed to person I rented this room from, but there are usually optional extras. Today I will perform some of these extras. It should be in your best interest that you accept,” Lana said, and she poured water.

Trey sat up, but his coat and his shirt did not sit up with him. Lana giggled as Trey cursed.

“My paws are very light. But then I think that mark would disappear otherwise,” Lana said, placing a wet cloth on a red mark on his chest. The mark was blood, but not his.

“Alright wash me. Hey, Lana can you tell me something?” Trey asked.

“I know you don’t remember much about your past, but I do know a few things. You made a promise to a girl… a promise to return to her. She cleverer than you are, and I heard that you admitted it, too.” Lana remembered, slowly, as she washed Trey.

After washing his upper body, she stood back, looked at him. Trey saw that most of her fur was drenched, from the water in cloth. She shrugged. After drying him and her upper body, she handed him the third piece of paper. This piece of paper had map on of the city and the arena. She also handed him some fruit, as well as a loaf of fruit filled bread.

“I rented that place as a temporary home, you should use it for to wake Acacia, but I can’t go with you, Trey Kazuki,” Lana said.

“If you know all this, but why will you not help me?” Trey asked.

“I can not wield the power that you posses. My own powers prevent yours reaching full potential when I am near. You must save Acacia alone,” Lana said.

Trey was dressed, he sighed, “Alright then, Thanks. As you said, I must leave. Well, Svetlana, don’t get yourself killed. I hope we can meet again.”

* * *

Trey stepped out, the door shut. Lana sat on the bed and started to dry her legs. There was a shadow, with no body walking across the room to stand in front of Lana.

“That’s the best I dare do now,” Lana said, in the old Vedran tongue.

“What? A Striptease and a Rub down? Svetlana, you didn’t even brush him!” Babirye said.

“Oh, Madam Babirye?!” Lana stammered.

“Expecting someone else? I know Nakato well enough to know that she’d like that little show you put on,” Babirye said.

“But where is Nakato?” Lana asked.

“We’ve decided that we are tracking the people. She wanted to follow Acacia, I know her well enough it’s not a point to argue about it,” Babirye said.

“That Woman, Keiya. She’s pretty out of it. She’s lost with our Acacia. It’s like her goal in life had been ripped out,” Lana said. I’m actually surprised that she’s holding together as much as she has already, was it because I was next to her, that she kept herself in check?

“What’s with the concerned look of our Peeping Tomi? I thought she would know,” Babirye asked.

“She’s been distracted. She didn’t see the fight. I let the boys know of the plan to keep them out the Morgue. If they can do that, my only worry with her is that she’ll be ready for battle tonight,” Lana said.

“About that battle? Are you prepared?” Babirye asked.

“As well I can be when I’m dressed… I left it under the bed didn’t I?” ‘Lana said, before bending over to get a bag from under the bed.

“Woah, I really don’t think everyone wants to see the creator’s gift for women. Do you have any respect? … You really take after Nakato don’t you,” Babirye sighed, “Just out of a perverted curiosity, why didn’t you show that angle to Trey?”

“Someone has cast a Soju technique that would force me and him apart if we got intimate. Quite violently, I might add. My Erika still has the scars when she tried mounting him,” Lana said, as she unpacked her bag.

“I see, that explains the plan with the coins. You should explain to Nakato about you being able to give some Soju away,” Babirye said, “What up with that mask?”

“Remember the Soju Masks you were working on, this is one the later models. Still would not give Lady Anan her missing leg back. I want to test this one before I get dressed,” Lana said.

She placed the mask to her face, her skin faded, even her insides were fading, after a few seconds Lana was a skelington standing before Babirye.

“Just a Question, Lana, are you Death?” Babirye asked.

“What?” Lana said as if she came out her own world. Her voice sounded different due to the mask.

“Are you… Death?” Babirye said more clearly.

“I can hear you fine. I’m the guy who leads people to the netherworld, or his wife, apparently,” Lana said with her hands on her hips. Her hips were clearly of that Vedran woman, not of a man as some story suggested.

Babirye sighed, “I walked straight in to that one. Well, I’m off after Trey.”

This scene seemed way to much focused on Nakato’s stories, not on the hero’s issues. Like the Last scene, this would have force my hand with ending of The Great Crystal of Lufas, and as the excerpt that Trey was asked to read is about that. The Regis Blade has been “changed” since I wrote this scene. I also wasn’t keen on how Lana adressed Babirye here.

Actually this scene missed an editing run before I chose to trash it. I initially spelt Lana with an apostrophe so it read ‘Lana, except that the apostrophe got garbled during several conversions, and was printing Poop, so I had to edit this one so you don’t read: “💩Lana.” Hopefully this will be the only time I have to talk about …. it.

The image is Trey reading with Babirye hiding.



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