NaNoWriMo 2016 – Post Mortem

Another year, another challenge. This year the Challenge was less about getting the myself in a position to get words out on the page. A trick I was intended to abuse to get my word count higher would have been basicly recounting existing lines that I written before hand. I never get to use this trick as the scenes I could “pilfer” from got major re-writes, and some lines that could have been “plagiarised” had better replacements during this time.

The actual word count was really lower than I expected. I managed to beat some of my previous year final counts. Since beating 2012 Grand total of 0 was never going to be a hard challenge.

I actually spent most of time writing what I’d thought to be Chapter 4. It didn’t help that it was actually a scene in chapter 2, then the Entirety of Chapter 3, then only starting Chapter 4 win the last week.

I also had some other paying work that took my time. More info on this work in January.

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