As you may have guessed, I like games. I played quite a few of them in the last year. So here is my Top 10 games that I’ve played in 2019.

Unlike last year, we just ran out of time getting the Video made, this is partly due to issues with the Taken Wolves.

But first the rules, While they’re slightly different, the changes are to clarify some rules:

  1. To be eligible for this list, I must have put considerable play time between 1st January and 31st December of that year.
  2. If a Game is rendered unplayable or unable to be purchased, by the time of creating this list, it is excluded. This applies to mostly online games, and certain digital only games. Notably Exclusive games on the Wii Shop channel are included. (Example: Wii ware title: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord)
  3. Baring the ability to buy or play, No release date restrictions are in place to prevent older games to make the list. For example, the Nintendo Entertainment System’s Super Mario Bros. is allowed if I played it, and put in considerable time.
  4. Only One game in a series will represent the game series.
    1. In a few cases, where multiple games in a series (or DLC of one game) was played in the same year: for a Second game in a series to second listing, both games need to stand out separately from the other.
  5. This list is based on what I played, NOT games released in the year. So If I didn’t play your favourite game of the year, don’t be upset and start shouting for your game to be number one, but if you do suggest it, your game may have chance making this list next year.

So no new console nor I had purchased the Xbox one. But I did start a weekly Let’s Play on this Channel. So let’s start this top 10:

10. Pokémon Go – Android (iOS)

Nope, you didn’t misread that a Mobile game actually got here on it’s own. It’s more down to the fact I played more of Pokémon Go than any other Pokémon game.

I barely touched other Pokémon games this year. But I got quite a few steps in so why not take try to catch them all. Sure I did play several other Pokémon games, but Pokémon Go was the most played and the only one I felt comfortable putting here.

While play alot with Let’s Go Pikachu the early part of the year, I just kinda left it soon after I got Fushia City. And Pokémon Sword got so little play time it’s kinda silly to include it.

9. Distance – PC

The “Weird indie” game entry for this year. Sure, It’s actually been missing for since the first. 2017’s Neir: Automata was weird, but certainly no indie game. The two Legend of Heroes games last year aren’t triple A, but then Falcom isn’t really indie either.

So this is essentially get to the finish line type racing game. But there are some twists.. First is that your car has a limited ability to fly and stick to walls.. However flying isn’t always available, and quite often the Road as well.. Also the game takes a turn towards the darker side…

As another player calls this game: “Horror, arcade racing game and futuristic world simulator combined.” This really is the best description of the game I found and I can not think of better.

This was a Humble Bundle Monthly giveaway.

8. Monster Monpeice – PC (Vita)

What you get when you combine a Collectable card game, auto battler and some thing called Rub Mode.. Ok. This is more of a decent game that has a lot of, erm, Fan service thrown in. The game scratches several itches, mostly the same ones you get from Collectable Card games, such as Pokemon TCG and Yu-gi-oh. The other is more of reward for winning, and buffing up …. your deck. Sorry, It is one of those games.

Sure, the Fan Service is there, at least it’s not the only thing keeping you playing.

Wait a Mo is that Neptune from the Neptunia series?

7. Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online – PC (Playstation 4)

Yes, this time we’ve going hack and slashing! This time Neptune has started playing a MMO, with has most of the Neptunia cast along side. This appears to be taking place within an online game, which is the sequel to the one mentioned within other Neptunia games. So it may be “canon” but we’re talking about a game with the 4th wall as a suggestion. Unlike most Neptunia games which is turn based, this is an action RPG. Unlike the some previous side games, where they focused on a Goddess. This game has a doesn’t focus all its attention to a certain character. Which I found surprising as Vert is considered the MMO fan out of the Goddesses, which Noire being the second due to her cosplay outfits.

While this game is technically multiplayer, it’s not support built in to the game isn’t great. Besides the game can be played solo, with computer filling in for the other player characters.

Yes, there was a Iffy Humble bundle for this one, or they gave me money off voucher with that game..

6. Super Smash Bros Ultimate – Switch

Well, as Smash Ultimate was release late last year, it was still fresh early in the 2019, and the rest down to the fact the DLC had really good choices for characters. Every character added was not a clone or an echo of the other character. It got really weird when Microsoft’s Banjo and Kazooie go in. You can now have battles with characters who are truly not Nintendo exclusives.

The new characters where all surprises, and full of references to their home games. Perosna 5’s Joker was a surpise given that only 2 Persona spinoff games made it to Nintendo Consoles, and the game referenced is still a PS4 exclusive. Dragon Quest’s Hero was great reference to the 4 games that featured that particular hero. Banjo and Kazooie felt like they had no hope since Brawl, as they’re now part of Microsoft, but if they did a Banjo Remaster, it would look like this. While never really played any of Terry’s home games, it felt like they gave him alot to make fans of the game feel at home, like they did with Ryu and Ken in the main game.

As I write this the last DLC character of Season 1 isn’t known, but I just hope for not another sword fighter or someone from Fire Emblem.. EDIT: Seriously Sakurai? Fire Emblem Three houses Byleth?

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