THE BAR MAGE OF THE GOLDEN SEA by Mike Sharpe will be free for ALL Amazon Kindle customers. To celebrate “Talk like a pirate day” we are of offering the book at Pay thee Price a Pirate pays!  

“Bar Maid, Grace O’Malley finds a old Elf woman at her bar. Over a drink, the Elf talks about using Solen, a magical power. One that Grace thought was a Fairy tale, but the Elf appears that she can use the power.

Before she leaves, she suggests that Grace herself has the power.The Next Morning Grace wakes up tied up in a Pirate ship, with Ella standing over her…”

Ownership of an Amazon Kindle eReader Device is not required. Amazon Customers can download an App or Program for most common PC and Laptop Operating Systems, as well has most major Smart phone and Tablet devices. Once "Purchased" (as Free in the case of this Sale) this ebook will not removed from your account after the sale end. 

Be Quick! Once this Sale is over, this eBook will return to it’s normal price. Normally, Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscribers may “borrow” and read this book for Free.

You can use this easy to remember link: http://getbook.at/BarMageOfGoldenSea

Please remember THE BAR MAGE OF THE GOLDEN SEA is not available in Paperback Book or Hardback book Formats. This eBook is currently only available as digital download on the Amazon Kindle Store. 

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