April 30th is Acacia’s Birthday. So here’s a short:

Acacia’s breakfast table was more crowded than usual. Her house in New Lanta City had many more visitors than she would normally get in a given morning. Today however was not a normal day; this day was her twenty second birthday.

Her servants, Rachel and Vivian where in the kitchen cooking with bacon and eggs, based on the smell of coming out kitchen.

Sammy was sat in her usual spot, at the right hand of Acacia own seat. Acacia’s seat was at the head to reflect her Elven royal status.

“Sorry Cassey, it looks like we won’t be having a breakfast in bed,” Sammy said in the way of greeting, while she poured a cup of tea.

Acacia nodded her thanks, started to take a sip of the tea.

Sanctuary of Iana’s Templar Priestess Alyndra Torralei was sitting to the left with her two trainees. The two trainees seemed to be oblivious to Acacia and more interested in getting breakfast. The two trainees seemed to be working as a team to make sure the older of the pair was fed, given older lacked her right arm. The younger also was missing a limb, her left foot. Almost every member at the Sanctuary of Iana had physical disability of some sort, but gained bright green eyes and abilities that would be considered impossible for an Elf to complete. Alyndra herself was missing her left pinky finger.

Alyndra was here on business today, as she had pile of paper rolls on the next to her. She was, thankfully, not scowling at another woman sitting at the table. This woman was Draylith, and in the past had totally misunderstood Alyndra’s teaching, partly due to Draylith limited grasp of Elvish.

Draylith looked like she was ready to go, but was staring at Alyndra as if she was waiting for something.

After most of the breakfast was eaten, Acacia opened up, “Priestess Torralei, I understand you have some business today.”

Alyndra pulled out her two roll of paper, “Barons Elm and Asher apologise for not being here, but each send a letter with a few things that I’ve left with Lady Vivian. Next, I have found a way in to Lanta Palace.. Getting Permission for you to enter was stupidly easy, as it’s technically your Palace. The two parties who’d claim who the place belongs to, are both led by you Lady Acacia.”

Lanta Palace was the throne for some of Acacia’s ancestors, until there was a Solen Disaster. That Solen Disaster had forced everyone to leave the City, as anyone who remained perished. Most of the City was turned in to or got covered in Crystals. New Lanta City was built on the outskirts of the original city. Only in the last few years they could start reclaiming the land. It was a slow process, but it was progressing.

Sammy sighed, “I’ve tried in the past, even with help. Despite their ability to climb just about anything the Arachnie have trouble getting over the outer wall. Most of the defences are still intact and may actually be better than they were back in the day manned. So how are you going to get over that wall?”

Draylith smiled, “Why Climb, when you can fly?”

“Really, how?” Acacia asked.

“Ride a Dragon!” Draylith said, as she pointed to herself.

Draylith was dragon could turn herself in to a humanoid form, that passed for an elf, and Acacia regularly saw her in dragon form flying in the skies above. While she was inside Draylith was in her Humanoid form. She usually changed forms outside the city, usually to avoid spooking people.

“I thought you couldn’t land near the Palace?” Acacia said.

Draylith shrugged, “It was more of a matter of skill to land safely than actually being impossible. I didn’t really want to risk crashing in to a wall. It’s really tricky when I’m carrying a passenger or two. I am less nimble in the air when I’m carrying people.”

Alyndra smiled, “I’ve spend the last few months working out some means to get down safely. Let’s just say, we worked out a way to get down without landing and until made a spot for our Dragon to land. My two acolytes had some time flying on a dragon as we worked it how to do it properly.”

Acacia asked, “Today?”

Draylith nodded, “I free to take you anywhere today. Just let me know when and where.”

Acacia ordered, “Sammy, make the preparations, and make sure we bring lunch.”

Vivian had slipped out the kitchen with bag, with a few flasks strapped to it. Vivian said, “Ma’am. I have a packed lunch for two young elves and one dragon.”

Acacia stood up, ” Thank you for this Lady Torralei, and your acolytes.”

Alyndra bowed, “Thank you. I have a personal request. Could you place this wooden coin in the throne room? It’s said to be a Holy relic to ward off evils.”

As Acacia slipped back in to her room, she could hear Sammy and Alyndra talking about something, probably the differences of their respective religious orders.

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