I’m going to make three of my books free for a limited time on next month. Read on to find out more!

If you’ve looked at my Instagram pages and the Art for the headers, I’ve posted a few images featuring 3d Model work. Most of this art was on My Deviant Art page. But I’ve been forced to retire my “current” set of models, for a newer set of models.

This was down to a number of Factors:

  • The older models base, known as Victoria 4 (aka V4), was released in 2006. While good number of assets were made, this has effectively dried up. Most people have moved on from making new assets for this model. Also, some pre-existing assets are now in the process of being “lost” due to hosts going out of business.
  • I choose to use to V4 in 2009 due to my entire asset collection at the time getting nuked, So I starting back at day one. At this time there were 3 years of assets made, and I’d considered V4 was mature enough to consider using. (At this time, there were quite a few incompatible models that only a dozen outfits made before it was abandoned.)
  • The change today, was due to a good chunk of the “Save files”, made since 2018, got corrupted in a backup recovery. (A significant number of them got damaged in 2018 as mentioned in a Blog post.) All the prebuilt assets from 2009 is fine, just the “Save files”.
  • The newest models I’ve chosen to use, is known as Genesis 8 Female (G8 or G8F) has a Victoria 8 character. (There was Victoria 5, 6 and 7 made in the intervening years.)
  • Some of the older 3rd party Victoria 4 assets lacked morph support. This lack of Morph support really limited who could wear each outfit. Kat was the only character who didn’t have Morph applied to her body, almost every other character had one body morph. This often resulting in some characters being unable to “fit” in to certain clothes. This not fitting could result in poke though, or boobs not filling out a low neckline outfit.
  • G8F outfits now inherit the morphs of their Base figure’s body. This even extends to new custom morphs that did not exist when the outfit was made. (While the V4 could take custom morphs, many outfits needed to be made to explicitly use them, so effectively limiting each custom morphs to a few outfits.)

So I’ve been force to start again to some degree. This time the outfits fit better, and allows me to make a noticeable difference between Acacia and Cassey. (These two look extremely similar for story reasons, and both are main characters of Acacia’s Silence.) It was worse when Acacia’s mother Lily is included in the mix, other then she had black hair when Acacia and Cassey are blonde.

The big improvement has to be body shape variety available. Acacia is slim, while Cassey is young. Other characters should been muscular or overweight, but couldn’t be due to their outfits. But Now outfits just fits. Also I feel slightly more comfortable with posting more revealing images of Acacia.

The "new" Acacia Latione in her "battle gear".
The “new” Acacia Latione in her “battle gear”.

So here’s the new look, or at least the current work in progress. Her outfit will change, but this is intended outfit for the Cover of “Solen Masters – Acacia’s Silence: Part 1 – Last Word“!

If anyone is paying attention: “Solen Masters – Acacia’s Silence: Part 1 – Last Word” is new. There’s not even a page about it up in the top bar yet! With how popular the The Bar Mage of the Golden Sea‘s “Gold Detector” giveaway was, I’m offering an near final version of the first part of Acacia’s Silence for free some time in September.

Like “Gold Detector”, this free copy of Acacia’s Silence giveaway is limited time release, it won’t be coming back once it’s gone! That is it!

As for two other Books? I’m giving both 2001 and The Bar Mage of the Golden Sea away for limited time, but only on certain store fronts! Stay tuned to find out, as I’ll be announcing them as the books sales are live!

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