It’s Halloween already.. sigh..

The Review I had planned for this week got delayed due hardware issues, but I’m aiming to get the video out the Early November. I’ve already got problem hardware fixed and replaced.

Another few Projects I’ve started on is “Coffee Break” which also got put on hold due to the exact game hardware issue that affected the Review. It however is only really delayed now by a day.

“Coffee Break” will be basically “Chat to the Camera” show that at this time has not set schedule. However for Nanowrimo, I’ll be using it partly as a word count update along with my Twitter to announce new count. As the Name suggests, it will more or less take place during a “Coffee Break” about half the work needed to make a video won’t take that long to make and usually won’t affect my time in the Nanowrimo Challenge.

As for Acacia, I’m not sure how coffee affects her, and I am not sure if Acacia does herself. I believe Acacia is a tea drinker, and seems to like a Green tea.

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