I’ll do the “good” news first.

Since last post, I can now confirm that the Site is safe for the time being.

I was going to wait until I had got everything sorted out, such as sorting out a new theme and a prepared few posts in advanced before I made it. I would have made this announcement in the first post after the last one.

Now, with house keeping out the way. I’m going to jump straight in to a spontaneous post.

PG Holyfield’s Illness

It was announced over the weekend, that a fellow author PG Holyfield has got terminal cancer. It came out of the blue, but then it was also for everyone else. Apparently, he was feeling fine over a month ago, until he felt slightly ill.

My “break” if called that, was with PG Holyfield’s Murder at Avedon Hill audio book at Podiobooks.com. I only got a few lines in the last episode. I’ll freely admit I don’t really know him personally. I did work for him without any compensation, I do appreciate his professional work. I wrote a pamphlet compared to his juggernaut of a novel.

Before I leave, I’m going to link to his Game of Thrones Podcast which will tell you everything. and one of PG’s Friends Tee Morris, who told me via this post. (Tee’s Language can be considered NSFW.)

So long, you’re going to be missed, mate.

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