OK, it time to make a choice..

I need to do stuff pay for the bills. This website being one of those bills.

But how….

Well, the novel Acacia’s Silence is taking her time.. I don’t think I can be ready for September, if I’d choose to release it for then.

As for other things.. I really need to work out what to do.

Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Patreon

All three are very nice payment systems to earn money, but I have do issues with using them at this moment in time.

But Kickstarter and Indiegogo are pay now to get your main product later. I’d could run one with Acacia’s Silence, it would mean that I don’t need to worry about the bills in the short term. One issue would be Perk offerings. While I can offer “Character Slots” in the Acacia’s Silence, that you can name, which would cost me nothing to offer, as I need these Characters naming, and I’d be creating these Characters myself. These would be limited, which I believe I could do with both systems. Another issue is I really don’t know what I should offer as a “instant” reward, as most successful versions of these do give away something on the day of paying up.

Patreon charges you and pays me when ever I release content, up to a monthly limit, set by you. The issue is this is that I’m not sure what content to give out and when. I could release the Acacia’s Silence chapters in “work-progress” stage. But I’ve got issues with it, the Early chapters are currently being completely re-written, so I’d be releasing it on a slow rate until reach parts which is near complete.

There is “The Fall” which is also incomplete, which could be released as exclusive bonuses for all three payment systems. But really, I don’t think it’s worth it in the current state it is in.

There are also some Legal issues that may hinder me in the long term, mainly due to exclusive rights being no longer available. I really don’t want go in to detail about this in the blog.

However, all three payment systems bring up one issue: What short term content are people are wanting to see?

Short Term Plans

Well, In a few weeks the site hosting has to paid or pulled. My Twitter account and Youtube account will be working, as with a future Facebook page. The content here I can backup and restore somewhere else, if this site is pulled.

Before the date the site may be pulled, I’d need to work out a plan to last me at least a year.

At the time of writing, there is not enough time to do a funding campaign before the site expires. Money, I can spend my own to pay for it, but since I’ve not updated the site for two years, I need to work out what I’m doing with this site here.

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