Taxes…. Gah!

Taxes… Normally I’d joke about this until April.

On Thursday January 1st 2015, a law in Europe has become active and many changes on how people do business internationally, within and outside the EU. As a UK citizen, I had to look at these changes. And only now, on the 3rd, that I’ve got my head around it.

In short, if you’re expecting a store on this website, it will not happen. I don’t want to be asking you for details that I now require to run a store built in to this site. I personally don’t think I can earn enough money to cover the new costs. On Stores like Amazon, and Smashwords, I’ve gotten price increases, and that’s even after I surrendered part of the possible profits.

Since 2001: A Big Nutter Oddity on Smashwords has been free for a lot longer than I intended, I’ve chosen to recently up the price. I will say that I should have done this years ago. Just to help you out, I’ve chosen to let you choose the price.

If you’d downloaded it already, or find the book for free. Great! Enjoy it.

I’ve chosen to release a new serial soon.

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