Nano failed again ’10 – aka Job Rant

The Grand total is 5000 words.. or 10% of the Proper Total. Which is not even the intro! This is pretty much has been down to times I can write… which all disappeared with little warning.

I don’t write, or sell my text, enough to be considered using it as a business. I sign up on the “dole” or to give it’s proper name JSA for some money, since I’m unable to find anyone to take me on, I have to go on FND to keep getting JSA. Since no one can find me a Job that is, A) local to me, B) that I’m qualified for. I live on the outskirts of town, so that is easy to find a Job. Since I’ve not been able to keep jobs and have very few qualifications I have to reject most for it. That leaves me with the job for tele sales, which I can’t do, and Metal Sheet Cutter, which I’m not sure if I’ll be going home with all of me still attached. Both are partly down to my dyslexia, (actually dyspraxia) it affects speech and Fine motor control, which both jobs needs.

Now I’m a guy who likes some routine, I do stuff the same way most of the time. Both “Daddy Day-Care” (an appropriate nickname for some other thing I have to do) and this FND courses have been taking their toll. The warnings can be short as, “I’m coming to pick you up now.” Or “Be in the next town at 9am.”

So Worrying about the next thing hasn’t helped.

On the 31st of October, I thought I would have the Weekly NaNoWriMo meets in addition to the usual weekly stuff. By 3pm on the 1st I’d got the week filled up.

Believe it or not, most of my writing has been done at the meets.

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