Thank you Sony

Today, I had to cut up my card..

A cut Credit Card

Why I am showing you a cut Credit card?

I am a customer of Sony Computer Entertainment, and used the PSN service. Note the past tense, No one can use the PSN Service as I type this. This is down to a certain group of people who managed to basicly rob Sony’s information about people.

I think that Sony has about £10 of my money partly in my PSN Wallet, and the remainder in downloadable games that I’ve not downloaded.

And with news that all my personal details are out there.. The biggest is that credit card details may have been stolen. The Current recommendation is that you destroy your Credit and ask for a replacement with different Details. That explains why the cards cut.

This attack happened at the worse possible time for Sony, it was the day that Steam was coming to the PlayStation 3, with the ability for Playstation 3 players to play with Windows and Mac Gamers in co-op mode. Shared Save files also where going to be used.

Sony’s PR didn’t exactly help, They “waited” for about 10 days after the PSN Service was put offline to say that they where hacked. 10 Days with “We’re looking at the Problem. PSN will return soon,” is frustrating for a customer. AS I AM A PSP CUSTOMER, it is frustrating that I am unable to access of some of my games and all my money.

For Playstation 3 Customers, Almost all multiplayer functionality to their games ran over the PSN, in addition of the entire online purchasing and some game disks needed to run, was also knocked out.

I’d rant for longer but I can’t.. Except this was April’s Blog Post, and it was delayed 10 days..

Actually, that credit card has been edit to so most details removed from it. I didn’t actually cut the card up due to Sony’s Problem. While I did try to register the card on PSN, the credit card server was down, due to everyone using it. All my purchases where done with Pre-Paid cards. These Cards means that I never gave my Card details so Sony. That Credit Card was destroyed due to being damaged, and I should have done it six month ago.

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