By one of these Cherub Brooch today!
Buy one of these Cherub Brooches today!

Most days I’m surrounded by buttons. Well, I’ve got over a hundred in front of me now. Most of them are the keys in my keyboard. But then when you’re a Tech writer, you need those 100 buttons. In today’s world, chance is that you’ll press nearly a thousand buttons in a day. I admit I just made that number up, but it not a joke, when you more than likely will have press 30 buttons to get to this site.

When I’m not writing, My “day” job is to help Susan Sharpe Ceramics, by doing some of the more heavy lifting and boring work. She makes Buttons for jumpers and cardigans. She also makes other items such as Brooches.

Well, until Sunday Evening all Brooches for sale have 10% of normal Price. And I will personally pack it for you. All you need to do is buy it from Susan Sharpe Ceramic’s Esty Store.

You’ll still be able buy it after the Sale, but you’ll need to buy full price.

Yes, Susan Sharpe Ceramics will ship to International Customers, but remember that if you want a Christmas present, you do need to Order soon!

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