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QR Code for a certain site

And Now For some Modern Art..

Some weird imagey, huh?

If you don’t know what’s that is It’s a QR Code.  It’s some times called a 2d barcode. It’s from Japan, where it’s more popular.

For Smart phone users it’s a very quick way to import data from other visual sources. So if you took the image and inserted in to a reader, such as this web based one here, you get the info. The Image there is valid one.  More info on Wikipedia.

This code has appeared in several places. It’s appears as Posters in the game Boarderlands, most are in Game references, and one is the artist leaving his mark. Another places is the Doctor Who Website, on a Promotional Poster of the bad guy for the first episode, with Matt Smith as The Doctor, The Eleventh Hour. It was seen on Pepsi Bottles and Cans.

In addition to web addresses, you can add Basic Text, A Location, Contact Details, Email Addresses, a Calender event or a SMS Message, just one per image.

Despite the Lack of use at the moment, it’s probably going to increase as the quality of Smart phones increase. If not it’s going to be a geek thing.

One final thing.. have you tried this one?

An QR code.
2 thought on “Phones and Modern Art”
    1. Nope. They are not. They make my phone display messages, or go a web page..

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