I’ve got a problem. This is common among writers except for PG HolyField. I’ve not got enough words. The Tales of The Soju Masters: The Fall(Working Title) is just under 25,000 words. Most Publishers are looking for Novels over 80,000 words.

At the moment, I’ve got some editing to do. This will bring the first two “Acts” up to 30,000. This Second Act whist complete, doesn’t feel like closing the story. That is where a Third Act comes in. What happens on this third act? I don’t know! You can influence my choices for the action! Hey, I can name a character after you.. Contact me if you feel like it. (And no Mr Spam Bot, I’m not going to have it full of bedroom antics.)

Since I’m wanting to compete the work soon, so I can sell it. I’m going to try to a 500 Words a Day challenge. I’ll do weekly updates here, and a Daily update on Twitter.

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