In all honesty, when I registered this site just about a year ago. I’d expect to be promoting a Podcast by now..

But on the same day I got the site. I received news that has changed my life since then. I’m not saying what it is it’s not my place. Due to that, I have to find time to fit in the Recording.. And when you discovered in April that the entire first run through has useless. So I’ve spent some of the last year find time to Record. It’s not helpful that when your house is only silent at 4AM, when you’re about make noise, or you may get a few hours every other month.

With Studio time now more limited due to the heat (No Air con and you’ll hear it if it was on), and other stuff. I’m still able to write, and edit the Audio. (It’s Just that I can’t edit what I don’t have).

So I liked the Essays I did earlier but they’re just for my entertainment. So Here goes, Want a topic for me to cover? Ask me! I am more of a techy person than anything else, so I will avoid most Biology topics. Also I will not be working to a word count, so don’t ask for one. (If you do.. I’ll clearly miss that count.)

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