Red Hot Fury by Kasey Mackenzie
Red Hot Fury by Kasey Mackenzie

I use a site called Forward Motion for Writers. One of the Regular people in the Chat rooms, is Kasey Mackenzie, under that name. I go by MSharpe, others do go by their real names, or professional pen names (Think Mark Twain). This is place for getting the rough workings of a novel or two, to something reasonable.

Kasey’s got a book coming out. I hardly get to see her work in the chat rooms, mainly as her work is Not Safe for Children rules. (The site, and the chat room are kept safe for children, ) The Book is classed as Urban Fantasy. It’s loosely put as Fantasy in a Modern city. If had to compare it to anything. Buffy and Angel, are two TV shows that could be classed as this. (Yes, I know that Angel was originally in Buffy.)

Whist I don’t write in this genre, as The Fall is “High-Fantasy” (has stuff with Elves, and magic), I’d actually consider Buying  it.

Kasey’s site has all the Info you need, such as Links to, and the First Chapter.

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