7th Son: Descent (7th Son: Book 1) Print Cover
7th Son: Descent (7th Son: Book 1) Print Cover

If I’d have to make a list of the Big Names at PodioBooks, I’d mention JC Hutchins in that List. JC Hutchins is described by his website as a Thriller Novelist.

Like Nathan Lowell, who I mention in a previous post, Hutchins’ first PodioBook was part of a Series. It was the first part of 7TH SON Trilogy. I should point out that this Book series is NOT Suitable for young children.

Book 1 Decent starts quite hard. The First line is:

The president of the United States is dead. He was murdered in the morning sunlight by a four-year-old boy.

Soon later you find that someone has been Cloning people, which is the idea for the cover of the Print edtion. The Book follows one set of these Clones, and {ERROR}Kilroy 2.0 is everywhere{/ERROR}.

Despite me already listening to it, The Print edition has done some alterations, and stuff has changed, so much that has changed, some the original stuff is unrecognisable more towards then end of Book 1, and LOT of name changes. You may spot a few familiar names in the print edtion

The Original 2006Version is now known as the Beta Version, and still available at Podiobooks Book 1 Here, Book 2 Here and Book 3 Here.

For new listeners, I do not recommend Mixing the 2009 and Later version, with the Beta Version.

If you can’t wait for tomorrow, you can buy the book today, and get it tomorrow. It’s not just available in the US and it’s Kindle, it’s also in the UK.

If you want to try before you JC Hutchins is offering the First part of Book 1 NOW!

If you want new stories before you get your Book, 7 Days could be it.

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