Since my book is going to be on, on this site all the Audiobooks are available for free. Yes, FREE!! This site has several exclusives, one is Quarter Share.

Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell has been on the site for nearly 3 years now, and is quite good. It shows how someone ends up joining a Solar Clipper, a type of Space Ship, as “The lowest of the low.” In this case, he is the lowest paid member of the Crew.

The Promotional line:

When Ishmael Wang (pronounced Wong) is orphaned by a flitter crash, he must make some hard decisions about how to survive in a Companay-owned universe. With limited time and fewer options, he lands a job as the newest hand on the Solar Clipper Lois McKendrick and learns there’s more to life than making coffee.

Well, The Hero won’t change the whole universe, but he changes his.  The Title of the book is named after his Pay Grade, which starts at Quarter Share, is half of the next grade, in this case Half Share.

The Episodes are quite simply, a single reader, not many effects.

At the end of Quarter Share is a long clip from Half Share. Half Share starts around 6 hours after Quarter Share, which isn’t really anything considering both books covers around 6 months each. Half Share is almost instantly followed by Full Share. Set several years after Full Share, is Double Share where Ishmael is now an Officer.  I don’t really consider them to be really separate books, and all the production of the Podcast is the same.

There is also Captain’s Share, which as I write this awaiting for approval for most of the episode. He often uploads 5 episodes at a time. By the time you’ve listen to them all, Captain’s Share should be complete.

If you use iTunes, just type in the Titles and you can download them all, well, except for Captain’s Share, at the time of writing.

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