As I’ve stated before I produce videos for the Taken Wolves of Felwinter Youtube Channel. Here I show how I edit one of the videos.

As you can see I did a bit editing, there. As you can see, with my voice recorded on a separate track, I was able to make my voice be heard and I can edit out most of my flubs.

What isn’t seen is the Render process, which itself turns the final video in to a usable file that I can upload to YouTube. As this is a boring process as all you see is the video being played slowly and a status bar increasing. Additionally, this rendering process uses as much CPU as my computer has, and I was already pushing the computer hard just recording the edit. The Actual render took about 30 minutes to complete, and that was after the 15 minute watch to check for any errors I had missed.

This was done on Sharise, prior to a recent upgrade, which I want to talk about in a later post.

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