Today, I would have been already in the middle of promoting Acacia’s Silence, but it’s not even ready..

Well, I kinda lost most of January and February due to plans that I didn’t couldn’t really plan for in back in September. Also I had planned for my NaNoWriMo to be more compete as it was for Acacia’s Silence Pt2.

I could put Acacia’s Silence Pt1 out again. The edits that I needed to do was done quite quickly. The cover that I made back in September was very temporary, and was made pretty much last minute. It only shown the Acacia model that I made less than month before hand, and I didn’t really have any other characters to appear in with Acacia. It took until this year to get Sammy and Tabby made to how I want them to be.


So I’m going to give Acacia a “present” for her Birthday. I’m going to let out the “Deleted” Last Word for Free again, for you to download. (I never actually deleted it, just removed the links.) Check back soon for more info!

As for Acacia’s Silence Pts 1 & 2? I’ll be continuing with making sure it’s ready, and I want get it out this year, more info when I do have a date in mind.


This a test render of Acacia Silence: Last Word. The Issue is that Acacia and Trey are floating. (The ground is uneven and I need to manually position each Character. I’m not to sure about the Twins pose.. Acacia skirt need me to run a length process to get it to fold correctly.

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