Coming on the 24th October, is “The Bar Mage of the Golden Sea“.

This will be Amazon exclusive, at least for the first few months.

While “Bar Mage of the Golden Sea” is set within the Solen Masters world, however this story is totally separate to the other stories in the series.

This book was previously mentioned in posts as Gold Detector and was written under the title of Magical Pirates, to fit within the theme where I was submitting this to a print anthology.

Also I’ve changed the name of the term for Magic and subsequently the Series name from Soju to Solen. Soju Masters could have been mistaken a Series for a Korean Pub Crawl, so I chose Solen for the shortened form the full name of the magic: Soul Energy. (An early Solen user Nakato would have done that Pub Crawl, and I’ll be crediting her with creating the short from when she’s drunk.)

Hopefully, the next book will be within the next year.

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