Some Bad news, As I’m having trouble keeping up with bring new content here and other commitments, every week. I’m choosing to go fortnightly from here on out. In other news, Here’s a Short Story:

“Miss Eston?” a voice came from behind Samantha, as she walked her Patrol around Lanta’s Dock. She turned around to see a Drow woman with midnight blue hair.

“Captain Darkwaters,” Samantha greeted the woman.

She smiled in return, “Sammy, you’re not my ship, call me Mellissia, or Mel. Especially after that night I was last here.”

Sammy felt like her cheeks where burning, “Mel, Don’t talk about it. I’d rather not have to many people talk about it.”

Mel smiled, “Your partner in that intimate get-together?”

“Yeah,” Sammy smiled, “I can’t believe how drunk we were after one bottle of that drow wine.”

Chuckling, Mel pass a velvet bag from her pocket to Samantha, “Here, I couldn’t help you notice my necklace on that night.”

Sammy opened the bag, out slid a silver necklace with two chains attached, “Oh, this is pretty. But why are there…” the necklace pendant broke in to two, “Oh this is perfect.”

“MY first mate, Mr Darkwaters has the other half of my necklace,” Mel said, “They’re often made of two or three parts. One each for you and your lover.”

Sammy hugged Mel, “Thanks, I was going to give out a Rose made of Ribbon at tomorrow morning’s service to her. This will be perfect for the gift of bondship.”

“Service? No wonder people have been asking me if I was going to be at temple tomorrow,” Mel sighed.

“Why not? You don’t have to me devout follower of the Vedran Solen Four to be allowed in. I know that Lady Acacia is going to be there, and Lady Acacia officially follows The World Tree Order. but I think that’s more down to her position than her actual beliefs,” Sammy said. “They even let a Drow girl be a part time acolyte there. I’m sure they’ll let a Drow Captain and her partner to attend.”

“Sure why not. See you in the Morning,” Mel smiled as she turn away.

I’m really not sure what Mel uses for her hair in that image.

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