If I had to say who is one of the people who was instrumental to me making this site it has to be Tee Morris. Whist He didn’t have any any direct influence on here. He is the one who showed me and others there is another way other than via the Publishers, and make an Audience.

Whist I don’t really know Tee personally, he’s always been helpful. It was a surprised that this morning to find out that Tee has just lost his wife. Whist I’m not a parent, I understand it’s Tough when you’ve got a partner, it’s made worse when you’re alone bring up a child though school, like Tee will be doing.

PODIOBOOKER (Podiobooks Blog, ran by Evo): http://www.podiobooks.com/blog/2010/01/06/a-loss-in-the-family/
PodioRacket: http://www.podioracket.com/main/2010/01/07/condolences-go-out/

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