Release the Blue Smoke? Sigh… It’s happened again.. to my large “Desktop” Pc, which I’m calling “Sharise”.

But I’ve not lost any data, unlike last time. This time I made sure all my data was backed up. I also had a laptop (which I use out of the house) with most of the stuff I need to keep going on. (The Laptop is called Acacia.)

The only thing I’ve not been able to do is the art for my Banners on my Twitter and Facebook group pages. Yes, A Facebook group page. I am in the process of setting it up.

The Art you’ve seen in the headers of previous posts, as well the cover for The Bar Mage of the Golden Sea, were done in a Program called “Daz Studio.” The reason why I was using “Sharise” is partly due to the nature of the Renderer I used. These take a long time to do, but the quality is pretty much as high quality as I get, with the assets I have. Due to nature of the work, “Sharise’s” GTX 1060 reduced a 4 hour render to 30 minutes.

But recently “Sharise” isn’t staying on long enough to really do work, and seems to refuse to work doing the heavy lifting that is required.

I got the laptop Acacia to cover most work I had planned, as I had intended to planning to most work on the road. Most of the Files that I need for the day-to-day work on is backed up and replicated online and between Acacia and Sharise.

I could have tried to replicate the files of Daz Studio, but this could have make more issues than I would care to like. I had to cope with it when I got new PC and transferred data between my older PCs Erika, Shinora and Cynthia, but that’s once every few years. I’d rather not spend hours syncing data, and do it every time I tried to open the file on the other computer.

The repair won’t take long to repair, however it doesn’t mean it will be cheap to replace the offending part.

The Cover image for this post in inside Erika. As for the Names, these are all Characters within the Solen Masters story.

EDIT: “Sharise” is back up and working fine, It was down to failing PSU, which takes Mains Voltage and converts it to something safer for the internal parts to use. In above image, the Black and Yellow cables are few of the many cables are connected to Erika’s PSU. (I suspect the part that drives the yellow cable was failing.)

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