Done in September:

Due to the limited number of users, I’ve chosen just to make a lot of current Patreon content be “early access,” and no permanently Patreon only content. But some stuff like this will remain Patreon only, but some part of it will make it to my main site.

The Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Let’s Play got totally done. The expected Star Trek Online Episode dropped the on day I’d predicted. I’d expect the next episode will be Late January or Early February, but I could be wrong.  

I recently upgraded to a RTX 4060 16GB. I had a GTX 1060 6GB card, and I was Ray Tracing on it. This make one of GTX’s 1060’s almost a hour long, render to about 10 minutes on the RTX 4060. The extra VRAM really helps with the iRay Render that I use. For videos, I’m still working on a few things with upgraded video encoders.

“Project 3-Segment”  had nothing done to it, and was effectively back burner project, and I may just drop it, or I’d just do some work on it. It’s not a big project so I could just work on.

My Website got a number of fixes on the back end, but I can’t really do a full test until my next Blog post. I thought I’d fixed it, but it seemed to broke again. 

About BoardingBob Videos? We’ve got a few things done, but I’ve now got a list of thing I can do, while he gets some more stuff ready.

Finally, I got the 2001: Big Nutter Oddity video went live, and was the last item made with the GTX 1060.

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